Trade System Basics

//Trade System Basics
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This section covers the basics of any trade system but especially the RexDog Trade System.

The Only 3 Questions in Trading

In this video, we cover the only 3 questions that exist in trading.


3 Key Questions

  • Where is price going?
  • Where is it coming from?
  • How does it want to get there?

These questions should be foremost in your mind when trading. That’s when you first look at a chart, change timeframe, or even when managing a trade.

Story of the Chart

In this video we expand on the phrase I use often… “the story of the chart”. This video is somewhat like jazz where we start with a grounded foundation but we expand into different charts and examples. While it might seem like this conversation goes off the rails what should be very apparent is we stay grounded in the rules of the RexDog Trade System.