Focus to Profit Series (Developing an Edge)

//Focus to Profit Series (Developing an Edge)
Focus to Profit Series (Developing an Edge) 2019-06-01T20:27:21+00:00

In this series of videos we cover how to solve most of challenges I see with new traders.

It really comes down to a few things– focus to edge creation, profits, and keeping your emotions in check. I share the specific thing new traders should do to have success with trading. Why doing this one thing will ensure you’re on the right path to consistently growing as a trader.

Focus to Profit Examples

To begin with, usually I’d scrap this video and start over. I know not a great way to intro the video. It’s not that I don’t think there is some good stuff in here it’s just it is not as focused as I wanted it. Part of that is my time limitations and some health issues. So trying to fit in videos and everything around that. All that out of the way this video provides an overview of the focus on a single trade idea. One issue I have with this video is I covered way to much on entries and not on the full trade. So I’ll be doing a follow up video where I’ll take a single trade idea and I’ll do every step.

New Trader Edge Template – Primer, Charts, and More…

his a continuation of the focus to profit series. Here I outline the recommended template a new trader should follow to develop an edge on the market. First we quickly recap what your #1 focus should be. Then I talk about the amount of trades you should strive to achieve. I also discuss one other step you should follow on every level of your process.

Finally we dive into the exact chart setup I recommend all new traders start with. I do take a slight tangent to expound on why moving averages are one of the only indicators I suggest new traders adopt. The other indicators I suggest are the Weekly OHLC and the Daily OHLC. These can both be found on my TradingView profile and are free to use: