Why Things Move & Stop

//Why Things Move & Stop
Why Things Move & Stop 2019-06-03T18:27:00+00:00

In this video (yes it is a long one) I break down many of the reasons things move and stop. Some of this is foundational price action stuff but much of what I cover is goes a little deeper. This isn’t the end all be all to why things move on a chart.

Also, I’m trying to bring logic to an illogical market but as a trader you’re looking for markers, hints or indicators why things might move to the upside or why they retrace. I also put together this video because these are many of the things that I look for when scalping.

When I was putting together my scalp training I was breaking down each and every trade I did. I realized that many of the things I cover in this video play into why I took or didn’t take a trade. Why I would exit a position early or why I would be a little more patient. So while this video is long it’s full of foundational concepts that are important in just about any type of trading.