Trading Mastery Training from xKaVaLiS

Trading Mastery Training from xKaVaLiS
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Trading Mastery Training Overview

What is the goal of my training?

To give you the foundation to be a highly successful trader.

What is a successful trader?

Someone who can reliably and consistently extract capital from the markets
(and build true wealth in from trading)

That’s the goal of this training.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you are currently at in your trading life. I’ve designed this training to give you the blueprint to develop yourself as a trader. It’s really designed to exponentially reduce your learning curve to successfully trade any market.

The training primarily consists of video based training. Each training section and outline is visible above in the menu and described in more detail below.

Most sections have multiple videos and are structured so each concept is re-enforced.

All members to my training also get access to private indicators:

Below is an outline of what you'll learn in the Trading Master Training:

Getting Started

In this section you'll discover how to think about the markets. A professional trader thinks about the markets differently than unsuccessful traders. You'll learn in this section how to avoid the biggest common mistakes new traders make.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • What it takes to able to consistently and reliably pull capital from the markets
  • How to think and act like a pro trader
  • Fundamentals of turning yourself into a successful trader
  • The simple and easy method to ensure you trade like a pro
  • Crypto Market portfolio overview
  • Plus much more...

Trading Fundamentals

In this section we'll continue to build you up as a trader. Here we dive into one of the most important aspects of being a pro trader-- aligning your trades with the type of trader you really are. We also intro the concept of risk.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • The questions to answer to define the exact type of trader  you are
  • The steps to follow to create a trading plan that is personal to you
  • Why you can't force your trading style
  • Examples of different styles of trading
  • Trade setups as a trade style
  • General guidelines on the differences between scalp, swing, and long term traders
  • Plus much more...

Position Sizing & Risk

In this section we dive into how to define your position sizing and how this relates to risk management. This is one of the most important concepts all traders must master.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • How to define a position size that works for your trading style
  • The #1 rule of trading
  • General rules to follow on wit your position sizes
  • Examples with numbers how this works
  • What is R:R (Risk:Reward)
  • The Risk Reward ratios you should strive for
  • How scaling works with RR
  • Plus much more about risk and sizing...

Charting 101

This section of the training will provide you with a foundation to create a highly effective technical analysis method for your trading. You'll be able to use this foundation base of  knowledge to trade just about any market that exits.

Support & Resistance

Here you'll learn about the most basic charting pattern that exists-- support and resistance. You'll learn the basic of what this actually means and a very simplistic view how this works in the market.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • What is S&R
  • How most traders look at S&R
  • How you should look at S&R
  • Multiple examples of S&R in the markets
  • What happens when S&R is broken
  • How support becomes resistance and resistance becomes support
  • Plus much more on the key trading concept of S&R...


In this module we cover not only an introduction to Japenese candlesticks but we dive into how tho think about candles and the best way to read them.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • Learn what makes up a candle and how it's formed
  • The biggest mistake to avoid when using candles to trade
  • What patterns really matter with candlesticks
  • How volume plays a role in how you read your chart and candles
  • How to read rejection correctly
  • The important of the wick and what to do about it
  • Plus much more on how you can master the art of reading candles

Volume - The Fuel of the Market

In this section you'll learn about one of the most important concepts you must understand to properly interpret price action. That concept is called volume and reading volume properly.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • What is volume
  • How to think about volume
  • Why it's one of the most important elements on your chart
  • Why doing this correctly will give a trading super power
  • Why you always need to keep volume in mind
  • How to read the story of a chart
  • Introduction to Charles Dow
  • Bull/Bear market cycles explained
  • How effort and matching is the key to understanding price action
  • Understanding stopping volume and how to spot it
  • Plus much more on the how volume is the key to reading your chart correctly...

Value Channels

In this section you'll what I consider one of the best TA methods that exists-- value channels. This is an advanced version of support and resistance and will provide you with a tremendous edge on reading the price value the market is relaying.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • What are value channels (VC)
  • Why value channels are so powerful
  • How to define and draw horizontal value channels
  • How to define and draw diagonal value channels
  • Key difference between horizontal and diagonal value channels
  • Advance value channel technical analysis
  • How to project new highs when trading with value channels
  • How value channels work with standard support and resistance
  • Understanding price action around value channels
  • Using value channels with other indicators like moving averages
  • Plus much more on the highly effective TA method of value channels...

General Charting Tutorials

In this section you'll find an array of general charting tips, advice and best practices to follow to become an trader with edge who has the ability to consistently and reliably pull capital from the markets.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • The habits of big time frames
  • Narrating the market
  • How and why  narration highly effective way to truly understand what is happening on a chart
  • The best multi chart setup for trading any time frame
  • Using line charts - why it helps you remove the noise of standard candlesticks
  • Plus much many more tips and advice that will help you develop an edge on the markets...

Market Movements

Here you'll learn about the various basic elements that move the market. You'll learn about the single most important thing you must keep in mind in all your trading. Plus all the basics you need to know on how the market moves.

Market Movement Modules

In this section you'll find an array of general charting tips, advice and best practices to follow to become an trader with edge who has the ability to consistently and reliably pull capital from the markets.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • Why things in the market move and stop - This training video outlines a list of the top reasons things move and stop in the market.
  • Waves - the market moves in waves and here's how to chart this.
  • Moving Averages - an introduction to moving averages, what they are and how to view them in your trading.
  • Amplitude and Change - very important explanation of understanding the length, breadth, and expansion of th market.
  • Supply and Demand Zones - In this video I reveal another secret pro traders understand. This video explains what SD zones are and how to trade around them.
  • Market maker volume and smart money - how to spot market makers and the concept of how smart money looks at the market.
  • Value Channels and New Highs - Here you'll learn how to draw value channels and entry strategies when something is making a new price high
  • Plus much many more tips and advice that will help you develop an edge on the markets...

Market Structure

All markets have structure. Understanding how to read the structure and how to trade around it is an essential skill for any trader.

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • Structure and Bias - how to read the overall structure of the market and how to define a bull or bear bias.
  • Measured Moves - one of the best ways to project where price might actually find support or resistance. Also a good trading methodology to plan exits and entries.
  • Learn how to use measured moves to plan your trades.
  • Discover "inflection points" and how these points in a chart provide high probability trades
  • You'll also discover a concept called impulse moves that will guide your understanding of how the market projects where it wants to go.
  • Impulse moves also provide a good framework on where things might turn or to find entries on pullbacks both long and short.
  • Plus even more tips and advice on how to bring structure into your trading ideas...


As a private training member you get access to exclusive indicators I've created. You'll get lifetime access to these indicators as well as tutorial videos on how to use them and create trade ideas with them. 

Indicator Tutorials

Here's a few key things you'll learn in this section:

  • What indiciators to use for trading
  • Super TSI - The Super TSI takes 4 measures the strength in 4 different timeframes. It’s designed to be used on either a Weekly, Daily, 4HR, or 1HR chart.
  • DPC - Dynamic Price Channel Indicator I created on TradingView. This indicator plots dynamic price channels based on the security highest close and lowest open.
  • SMAGain Indicator - a good indicator for new traders to try.
  • MTPC - Another indicator I recommend and showcase for new traders
  • Weekly OHLC and the DAILY OHLC indicators - This should be on every traders charts and are freely available to add on TradingView.
  • Rate of Change - why and how to use this indicator.
  • 10/5 Weekly EMA - Plots Daily and Weekly 10 & 5 EMAs (but fully customizable to your own). In addition to plotting the EMAs it color coordinates trend bias and has cross confirmation signals.
  • ATR Stop Loss - This indicator takes the average of a series of ATR to calculate what I would consider an optimum stop loss placement represented in percentage.
  • Plus even more tips and advice on how to use indicators...

Strategies & Trade Systems

In this section we cover and detail trade entries, trade exits and outline how to create a full trade system. I also share fully detailed trade systems I trade.

Entry Strategies

In this section we cover the often most focused upon aspect of your trade-- the entry. In this section you'll learn how to define the best entry methods and how to start looking at this aspect of all your trade ideas:

  • Trade Entries Intro - the starting point to ensure you are thinking the right way about your entries
  • Entries on Moving Averages - discover the secrets to entering with using moving averages. Also how to incorporate moving averages in your overall trade ideas.
  • Setting Stop Losses - one of the most important modules you can watch as we discuss risk management and share exactly how to set your stop losses.
  • New Asset to Exchange Strategy - one of the best strategy to trade for good gains. We cover this strategy in detail in this module.
  • Spotting When Supply Dries Up - This module could be in multiple sections of the training but it fits here because when you spot that supply has dried up it's one of the best places for you to enter a trade.
  • General Rule of 3 - This is  a good rule of thumb most new traders should follow. We cover this rule in detail in this module.

Exit Strategies

In this module we cover the best practices for exiting trades. This is the how, when and where to exit trades:

  • When you should and shouldn't ple-plan exits
  • How to scale out of trades for maximum profit
  • How to get rid of the psychological challenge of exiting a trade to early
  • What to do when structure breaks down and how to exit
  • How to plan your exits around value channels
  • Plus much more on creating highly effective exits for your trades...

Trade Systems

In this module we cover self contained trade ideas you can implement. These strategies are built upon everything you've learned so far but here we offer a specific trade method:

  • Using value channels to create a trade system
  • Daily timeframe trade system
  • Weekly OHLC trade ideas
  • The single best crypto trading strategy
  • How to simulate a trade system
  • Plus much more on how to trade these specific trade ideas...

Scalping & Scalp Trading

Due to frequent requests I've also released a self contained scalping training. When you scalp you are in and out of trades quickly. This can be a very luctrative way to trade but it's not easy. Going through my scalping training will provide you with the right strategy and mindset to be a successful scalper.

Scalping Modules

Here is just a high level sample of what is covered in the scalping section:

  • Scalping Intro - what is scalping, how to think about it and foundation thinking.
  • Risk Management - How to limit risk when scalping
  • Position Sizing - Best practices for position sizing when scalping 
  • Profit Targets - The optimum profit targets for scalping
  • What to always know or keep in the back of your mind when scalping -- these will surprise you.
  • The most important things to watch when scalping
  • Secrets to reading the order book and trade history for awesome scalping strategies
  • How to ensure you have rock solid scalps with the alignment of entry signals
  • Even more tips and advice on scalp entries
  • This section is overflowing with real world advice on how successfully scalp trade in any market.

Mindset & Journaling

It's you against the market. This single fact means that what makes a successful trader is much more than knowing how to do TA or look at a chart. Most of your success comes from your mindset and psychology. This section we dive in deep on how to break through mental issues and how to journal your way to become a successful trader.


Here is just a high level sample of what is covered in the mindset section:

  • The full Focus to Profit Series
  • How to solve most new trader issues
  • Examples of what are called trade ideas
  • The New Trader Edge Template - a  template on  how to create your own trade ideas-- step by step.
  • Why thinking like a sniper will make you better trader
  • The most important things to watch when scalping
  • The one emotion you can adopt to become an awesome traders and how to apply it to the markets
  • Why you need no trade zones and how to define them
  • And much more on what most traders under appreciate-- it's all about mindset to be a successful trader...

Trade Journals

In these modules you'll learn how to properly journal your trades for maximum trading effectiveness and growth:

  • Introduction to trade journals and journaling
  • Why you should-- no must journal
  • How to journal so you grow exponentially as a trader
  • The top trader journal questions you want to answer to grow quick
  • Trade journal examples
  • How to use Trello to journal  your trades
  • You'll discover the most important emotional things you want to capture when journaling
  • Why if you don't have an edge on the market journaling is the quickest way to get there
  • Plus much more little discussed advice on how to successfully journal to become a real trader

FOREX Trading

Due to popular demand I've started on a FOREX trading section. This section will be much like the scalping section but the focus will be on high quality FOREX trading.

FOREX Training Overview

In these modules you'll learn how to successfully trade the FOREX market:

  • Intro video - FOREX foundation and why trade FX
  • Forex Market Fundamentals - How the FX market works
  • Forex Market Research - tips on how to do rock solid research for the best FX trades
  • Return to the Mean - a simple but highly effective concept to understand how the FX market moves
  • The most imporant things to know when trading FOREX
  • Subtle difference on how to TA, using Value Channels, and other indicators in the FOREX market
  • Different best methods to trade FOREX
  • Daily Trade Ideas
  • Swing Trade Ideas
  • Scalp Trade ideas
  • Algorithmic trade ideas and trading (I'll share my algos).
  • Custom indicators just for the FOREX market
  • Plus much more on how to make FOREX one of the best markets to trade


How to Get Started & FAQ

How long does the training last?

Pretty much forever and with one-time payment you get lifetime access. I intend to continue the training indefinitely. I add at least 2-3 videos a week and also update various sections that need to be updated.

When and how Much

Cost: 0.07 BTC
Use Address: 1CXGBBTtUTT5v3mDvv14ucMCe5CjaKusTS

I am not a licensed financial advisor in any way shape or form. This training and everything I say about trading, cryptocurrencies, money, life or anything in general should not be taken as financial advice. Everything I say or write is my opinion. Make sure you do your own research and base all your decisions on what you find yourself. I’m simply stating opinions. I am not giving financial advice, trade advice, or any financial advice in any way whatsoever. Everything I write or state is an opinion. I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR.

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